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Most Batsmen Most Times Bowled Out In Ipl:The names of these 3 players, who are considered the greatest batsmen of the world, are recorded in the IPL, this most embarrassing record. Nobody is convinced by the knowledgeable.

New Delhi. Most Batsmen Most Times Bowled Out In Ipl:The highest entertainment cricket league in the world in the IPL, though new records are made in the match every day. Virat Kohli, Shikhar and Shane Watson, who are among the world’s batsmen, have recorded such an embarrassing record. No one is sure of knowing this. Records to be clean bowled most often in IPL. Let me know about 3 such batsmen, whose name in the IPL is the most frequently recorded shameful record of being clean bowled.Most Batsmen Most Times Bowled Out In Ipl

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Shane Watson
Former Australian all-rounder Shane Watson, who retired from international and IPL cricket, has performed brilliantly as an opener for the Chennai Super Kings for a long time. Watson has been the first choice of many teams in his early IPL career, due to which he has got the opportunity to play in many franchises. Watson has played a total of 145 matches in his IPL career, in which he scored 3874 runs and took 92 wickets while bowling. The embarrassing record that the IPL has recorded in his name is the highest number of clean bowled out 35 times.Most Batsmen Most Times Bowled Out In Ipl

Shikhar Dhawan
Delhi Capitals opener Shikhar Dhawan is known for his explosive batting. His performance in the IPL has been quite good. So far 26 matches of IPL 2021 have been played and during this time Orange Cap has been on Shikhar Dhawan’s head most of the time. He has scored a total of 5508 runs in his IPL career at a strike rate of 127.14. Despite such a spectacular performance, Dhawan could not save himself from having this embarrassing record. He has been clean bowled 33 times in the IPL so far.Most Batsmen Most Times Bowled Out In Ipl

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Virat Kohli
Team India and IPL Team RCB captain Virat Kohli are among the best batsmen in the world. He has so far scored a total of 6076 runs in the IPL at a strike rate of 130.41 and is the first player in IPL history to do so. But he has also done a shameful act. He is clean bowled 32 times in IPL. The most frequently clean bowled in the IPL are Shane Watson in first place, Shikhar Dhawan in second place and Virat Kohli in third place.

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